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Feb 17
Saturday 10:30 am-3 pm

Luke Maddox: A Historical Lens of Reconstruction

Date: February 17
Time: 10:30 am - 3:00 pm


First-Person Interpretation

Location: Chapel

Luke Maddox was formerly enslaved and employed to Williams Middleton as a “foreman”. Following the introduction of the 14th Amendment and the 1868 state constitution, African Americans now become eligible to vote and hold political offices in South Carolina. In the election of 1870, Maddox himself is elected to the House of Representatives from the 2nd congressional district. He serves one two-year term and introduces four bills. Following his time as Representative, he goes on to serve as “Warden” (city councilman) in Summerville.

The program is set in 1872 towards the end of his term. He reflects upon the state of politics in South Carolina and the major events of the several years since emancipation. It is meant to be like a town hall meeting.

Included free in General Admission. 

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