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Plugged In To History | Week of May 18 | “Far and Away”: Middletons Abroad

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Each week Middleton Place’s team of historians and interpreters are presenting fun and educational content, keeping students and families connected to American History and to Middleton Place.

Programming provides historical aspects of a different theme each week, connecting our lives today to the past. From garden tours, to exhibits, to meeting the historic breeds, to book talks and panel discussions with partner historic sites, audiences continue to experience the uniquely American stories of Middleton Place National Historic Landmark and the Edmondston-Alston House online.

Plugged In To History Schedule
Week of May 18 | “Far and Away”: Middletons Abroad

In 1820, after serving as the Governor of South Carolina, Henry Middleton was appointed Minister to Russia. Henry, his wife, and several of their ten children left for Russia anticipating the normal stay of two or three years, but instead, they didn’t return for ten years. Join us this week for an in-depth look at the Middletons’ time “Far and Away,” as well as the work that would have been done to keep the plantation running during their absence.

Tuesday – 11:00 am “Let’s Talk Tuesday”
Chat with Historians on a variety of topics surrounding Living History and beyond.

May 19 – Middletons in Russia

Join Historian Dr. Dottie Stone in the Music Room inside the Middleton Place House Museum for a conversation about Governor Henry and Mary Helen’s time in Russia. Hear about some of the pieces in the collection highlighting this important period.

Wednesday – 11:00 am “On The Farm”
Each week during the “On The Farm” program you will learn all about Stableyard life, from heritage breeds to farming and more.

May 20 – 19th-Century Plantation Tasks

Historian Jeff Neale will discuss keeping the plantation running while the Middleton family was away in Russia from 1820-1830. Jeff will share ongoing tasks that would have been required in the Middletons’ absence, including a sheep shearing demonstration.

Thursday – 11:00 am “Hands-On History”
Do something together! Families or lifelong learners can follow along for at home with crafts, lessons, contests, home and garden projects, or cooking in the kitchen.

May 21 – Make a Fête Book
Join Curator Mary Edna Sullivan for an in-depth look at an interesting artifact in the House Museum Library –a “Fête Book” from the funeral of Czar Alexander I, given to Henry Middleton’s daughter Maria. Learn more about the meaning of a “Fête Book”, or festival book and how to create your own “Fête Book” at home.

For this project, you will need:

    • several sheets of plain computer paper or cardstock
    • tape
    • markers/crayons/colored pencils
    • your imagination

Friday – 5:00 pm “History Unplugged”
Programming on historic drinks and food, as well as social practices of the past.

May 22 – 19th-Century European Society
Curator Mary Edna Sullivan and other Middleton Place historians will discuss European society in the 19th century. Learn about the mysterious Madame de Recamier, and her intimate John Izard Middleton, the first American Classical archaeologist.

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