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Fashion is always changing. Although what is deemed acceptable clothing today is different from the 18th and 19th centuries, clothing and textiles have always played a part in defining societal roles. Join historians and educators this week to learn more about what was worn (and by whom) at Middleton Place and how dress was dependent on one’s station in life.

Tuesday – 11:00 am “Let’s Talk Tuesday”
Chat with Historians on a variety of topics surrounding Living History and beyond.

May 12 – Getting Dressed: Part I

Getting dressed in the 18th century was no easy task. Join educator Nicole Thompson as she goes through the steps to dress both an upper-class man and woman.

Wednesday – 11:00 am “On The Farm”
Each week during the “On The Farm” program you will learn all about Stableyard life, from heritage breeds to farming and more.

May 13 – Getting Dressed: Part II

Visit the Textiles Shop at Middleton Place where Nicole Thompson will discuss clothing for enslaved people. She will address runaway ads as primary-source documentation and talk about re-creating the garments.

Thursday – 11:00 am “Hands-On History”
Do something together! Families or lifelong learners can follow along for at home with crafts, lessons, contests, home and garden projects, or cooking in the kitchen.

May 14 – 18th & 19th Century High-Style
Join us in the House Museum at Middleton Place for a lively conversation about high-style for men and women in the 18th and 19th centuries with Nicole Thompson and Middleton Place curator, Mary Edna Sullivan. Enjoy this unique opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at the clothing collection at Middleton Place.

Friday – 5:00 pm “History Unplugged”
Programming on historic drinks and food, as well as social practices of the past.

May 15 – Virtual Garden Party
Wear your favorite historical outfit and join us for a virtual wine stroll with Middleton Place staff and friends. Interpreters will discuss the various garments that would be worn to social occasions, and what each person’s clothes signaled to other party attendees.

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