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Plugged In To History | Week of March 31 | Around Middleton Place

Category: Plugged In To History

Tuesday – 11:00 am “Let’s Talk Tuesday”
Chat with Historians on a variety of topics surrounding Living History and beyond.

March 31 –  Mary, Martha, Anna, & Eliza: A Story of Work, Home, and Family
Wrapping up Women’s History month, today’s Plugged In To History program presents “Mary, Martha, Anna, & Eliza: A Story of Work, Home, and Family at Middleton Place.” This presentation is offered by Nicole Thompson, Stableyards and Beyond the Fields Volunteer Coordinator.

Wednesday – 11:00 am “On The Farm”
Each week during the “On The Farm” program you will learn all about Stableyard life, from heritage breeds to farming and more.

April 1 – Cashmere Goats
Join Nancy and Bob as they discuss combing the cashmere goats, and the textiles they produce! In the 1850s, Williams Middleton imported and raised cashmere goats, sending their hair to France where it was processed into cloth. The goats need minimal shelter due to their dual coats. Each year, starting in March, the goats’ hair can be harvested by combing out their winter coat.

Thursday – 11:00 am “Hands-On History”
Do something together! Families or lifelong learners can follow along for at home with crafts, lessons, contests, home and garden projects, or cooking in the kitchen.

April 2 – Caring For Azaleas
Join VP Horticulture Sidney Frazier for a look at Middleton Place’s azaleas. With thousands of plants to care for every year, the horticulture team at Middleton Place always has a lot to do! Sidney will give tips and tricks for proper care and pruning of your azaleas after they’ve finished blooming.

Friday – 5:00 pm “History Unplugged”
Programming on historic drinks and food, as well as social practices of the past.

April 3 – Shrubs
We are talking about shrubs and drinking vinegars, and sharing their history and recipes over the centuries.

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