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Plugged In To History | Week of April 20 | All About Children

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Imagine a world with no smartphones, Playstation, X-Box or even Netflix. A world where “Hoops and Graces,” “Skittles,” “Marbles,” “Hide and Seek,” and even “Chores” would have been the commonplace activities for children.

Join us this week for a look at what life was like for children in the 18th Century! This is a great opportunity for you and your family to learn how the children at Middleton Place, both enslaved and free worked, played and interacted. Discover how the current reality of spending all our time balancing work, school and life with families in our homes was the daily reality for families in the Colonial period. The stories of the past can help us understand ourselves and each other. Learning how Colonial children found creative ways to pass the time and entertain themselves may help your family think of new ways to get through this crisis together.

Tuesday – 11:00 am “Let’s Talk Tuesday”
Chat with Historians on a variety of topics surrounding Living History and beyond.

April 21 – Child’s Play
Join Middleton Place educators on the Greensward as they teach and demonstrate children’s games and activities from centuries ago.

Wednesday – 11:00 am “On The Farm”
Each week during the “On The Farm” program you will learn all about Stableyard life, from heritage breeds to farming and more.

April 22 – Child’s Work
Join educators in the Stableyards to learn more about the chores and work of both free and enslaved children at Middleton Place.

Thursday – 11:00 am “Hands-On History”
Do something together! Families or lifelong learners can follow along for at home with crafts, lessons, contests, home and garden projects, or cooking in the kitchen.

April 23 – Homemade Marbles!
The whole family should join Greg Smith, Director of Education, as he demonstrates an easy at-home recipe for marble making and shows the basic rules for how to play.


Friday – 5:00 pm “History Unplugged”
Programming on historic drinks and food, as well as social practices of the past.

April 24 – Kid’s Corner
After a week of learning about children in the Colonial Period, a special group of kids will be sharing thoughts about activities they are doing with their families to pass the time during this time of social distancing.  We invite you to join with your children on Facebook Live.

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