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Plugged In To History | Week of April 13 | American Revolution

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As Middleton Place Foundation continues to bring history into your home, this week’s focus is the American Revolution. When the “Founding Thinkers” resolved to declare independence and to create a new nation, they knew that the road would be long, and that the way would be difficult. They chose to persevere with patience and determination.

Tuesday – 11:00 am “Let’s Talk Tuesday”
Chat with Historians on a variety of topics surrounding Living History and beyond.

April 14 – Chat with Arthur Middleton
Although you may know Arthur Middleton as a signer of the Declaration of Independence, this is your opportunity to learn more about Arthur’s personal experiences during the American Revolution. Join a special livestream with Arthur Middleton, interpreted by Jeff Neale. Mr. Middleton will also be taking questions from viewers.

Wednesday – 11:00 am “On The Farm”
Each week during the “On The Farm” program you will learn all about Stableyard life, from heritage breeds to farming and more.

April 15 – Soldier Raids on Homesteads
Learn how Continental soldiers supplemented their rations from the army when they moved across the landscape. Homesteads and plantations alike were under threat from both British and Continental forces that were hungry and poorly supplied during the American War for Independence. Soldiers campfire cooking skills will also be demonstrated.

Thursday – 11:00 am “Hands-On History”
Do something together! Families or lifelong learners can follow along for at home with crafts, lessons, contests, home and garden projects, or cooking in the kitchen.

April 16 – 18th Century Musket Drills
Join public historians to learn about muskets, the main weapons of the Revolution. They will explain how a musket fires and conduct some common drills – grab your wooden musket, or a good sturdy stick, and march along! Get some exercise the Revolutionary way!

Friday – 5:00 pm “History Unplugged”
Programming on historic drinks and food, as well as social practices of the past.

April 17 – Coffee, Tea, Chocolate and Revolution
Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate were the non-alcoholic beverages that fueled the Revolution. Join the Middleton Place team as they talk with Darren of Oliver Pluff & Company, about beverage history, myth-busting, and some little-known stories of tea, coffee, and the ideals of Revolution.

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