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Sep 18
Saturday 11 am-3 pm

Meet the Stableyards Animals

Date: September 18, 2021
Time: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Spend the afternoon outdoors with some of Middleton Place’s four-footed friends. Learn how to measure the height of a horse; tell the difference between a pullet and a hen; feel the lanolin from a sheep’s fleece; and much more. Come join the fun and learn more about the Middleton Place livestock.  Included in General Admission and free for members.


Programs will take place in the Outdoor Education Center.

HORSE MEET & GREET | 11:00AM &  2:30PM          

Come meet the Stableyards’ primary work animal – The American Belgian Draft Horses.  Learn about the origins and characteristics of these “Gentle Giants.”

 CASHMERE GOAT GROOMING  | 11:30AM & 2:00PM      

Cashmere isn’t shorn from a goat the way wool is shorn from a sheep; instead, it must be  brushed out and away from the guard hairs.  Grooming is not only done to remove the  hair, but to help keep the animal healthy and sound.


Crutching refers to the removal of wool from around the tail and between the rear legs of a sheep for hygiene purposes.

MEET THE BREEDS TOUR  | 12:30PM (*Tour starts below the Carriage Display in the Stableyards)

This guided tour takes a closer look at the historic livestock breeds at Middleton Place.   Learn why the breeds were originally brought here in the 18th and 19th centuries, how each breed contributed to the plantation, and hear the stories about the people who owned and cared for them.

COW MILKING  | 1:00 PM    

Come meet Lilly, one of the Stableyards’ milk cows. Learn about milk production and the difference between a heifer and a cow.


Hoof Trimming and Grooming are two of the most important tasks in keeping a horse healthy and sound.


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