Middleton Place
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Middleton Place

The Gardens

Secret Gardens

The Secret Gardens provide a more formal setting.  Consisting of two separate gardens, the smaller of the two offers an intimate outdoor setting delineated by formally clipped hedges.  The larger of the Secret Gardens, embellished by four marble statues, offers the structure of an alfresco room decorated with shades and textures of green foliage.

Middleton Oak

This grand tree is estimated to be more than 900 years old.  With the Ashley River in the background, the unique natural beauty of the ancient oak contrasting with the manicured gardens offers a place of uncommon magnificence.

Sundial and Rose Garden

With the Middleton Oak in the background, this carefully maintained garden boasts a collection China and Tea roses that were the varities first propagated in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Octagonal Sunken Garden

The Ashley River provides a romantic backdrop while the carefully manicured Boxwoods adorn the pathways making for a unique wedding site.  Pansies and Camellias provide subtle color during the winter months while Azaleas and mixed annuals offer a blaze of color in the spring and summer.

Parterre & Butterfly Lakes

At the end of the Parterre, see the sculpted terraces that lead down to the Butterfly Lakes.  From this vantage point, your guests can look out over twin lakes shaped like butterfly wings to the Ashley River beyond.

Middleton Place