Middleton Place
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Middleton Place

Travelling Trunk

Middleton Place is pleased to offer a new teaching resource for educators in the Low Country. The Middleton Place Travelling Trunk provides useful materials for educators to supplement their class room instruction in early South Carolina and American history. 

The Trunk may be checked out for one week at a time for use in the school. Please contact Greg Smith, Director of Education at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a reservation. The teacher will visit Middleton Place where they will pick up the Trunk and sign the contract. Mr. Smith will be happy to go into more detail on each object with the teacher at the time of pick up. Mr. Smith will then pick the Trunk up from the school or institution one week later.

Please do not miss this opportunity to incorporate a local historical landmark into your curriculum!

Included in the Trunk are resource materials pertaining to many different aspects of Middleton Place:

·         In-class games such as crosswords and word searches

·         The DVD and book Middleton Place: A Phoenix Still Rising, which details the history of the Middleton family and Middleton Place

·         The book Beyond the Fields, which details the lives and culture of enslaved workers

·         An extensive primary source document, power points, and historical prints and pictures.

The Trunk also contains objects designed for hands-on activities

·         Wooden objects, such as barrel staves, made by the MP cooper

·         Handmade and fired pottery from the MP potter

·         A handmade iron hook from the MP blacksmith

·         Hand-woven and dyed cloth from the MP seamstress.

Because agriculture was the mainstay of the Low Country economy, including Middleton Place,  items pertaining to the various aspects of cultivation are provided in the Trunk, including:

·         A mortar and pestle and a fanner basket used in rice production

·         Cow peas, Indigo seeds, and  Carolina Gold rice seed packets that the school may keep for use in its own garden  

·         Animal hide and horn

·         Cotton, flax, and wool.

Download the Travelling Trunk Content Checklist >>

Middleton Place